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That One Time I Met P.Diddy



By Carrie Lynn
Blog – OnOption

You’re too fat.  You’re too short.  You’re too ugly.  You’re not a model.  Besides hearing a bunch of negative feedback about yourself on a regular basis I’d say this job is fabulous.  Free clothing, free food, invited to free parties and trips.  It’s totally not worth it, but that’s not my point!  My point is that I’ve had some good nights, thanks to surrounding myself with ***holes who truly only want me around to make themselves look better, which wouldn’t be possible with out my choice to model.  I’m so happy I don’t do this anymore.  I obviously suggest having a little fun while you’re young, just do not get lost in the lifestyle.  

Lucky enough, my girlfriend and I got invited, with our friends to this huge Mansion during Ultra Music Festival.  For those of you who don’t know what that is…imagine a festival of house/trance/techno music, which I’ve always assumed were the same thing.  That crap makes me want to bash my head into a pole!  People come from all over to listen to this and do drugs…and wear weird clothes…and their sunglasses indoors.

Sounds awful right?!  It is!  Anyway we didn’t get involved in that, we just went to the after parties.  This one in particular was Puffy’s also known as Puff Daddy, Sean Puffy Combs, P.Diddy…whichever one he goes by now!  I still do not understand why a grown man would go by any of those names and expect to be taken seriously.

Rambling again!!  His house was SICK!!!!  Well, I didn’t really go inside-inside, we were just in the backyard by the pool and the huge buffet!  They had anything you could think of to eat and when the sun was rising they brought out breakfast!  Clearly I love food and NO, I am not a crack head staying out partying until the sun rises.  You just don’t get the opportunity to be at P.Diddy’s house, in his presence, very often!  Yes in his presence!  I was standing right next to him with my friend.  Of course I was too afraid to speak to him.  She wasn’t!  I need her confidence!  The conversation went a little like this…

MY FRIEND: “I am the mask of Zorro” as she pulls the masquerade mask from her forehead over her eyes.

P.DIDDYLooks at her and walks away.

Ha ha.  I guess you’d really have to be there to think it was funny.  She attempted a second try a few hours later while he was on the microphone thanking everyone for coming.

P.DIDDY: Speaking to the half-naked groupies in the pool.

MY FRIEND: “How about them tittayyysssss.” (not titties…tittayyyysssss)

P.DIDDY: Stops talking.  Walks away.

Again I guess you had to be there!  He wasn’t having any of it!!!  How he couldn’t find her and her english accent utterly attractive and charming beats me!  Haha.  Perhaps he’s not into women?  That’s the word on the street!  Ehh he didn’t have to talk to us for us to have a good time.  I still consider that the best night I’ve had.  I, no joke, was laughing for 4 hours straight and legitimately almost peed my pants several times.  I’m not kidding…I had to do the leg cross and everything!!!

Sorry I do not have any photos of P.Diddy for you photography was not allowed.  But the mask of Zorro and I snapped a pic on our phone…

With The Mask Of Zoro

All My LITTLE Friends Are Models Too



By Michael Murchie

All models have to start somewhere. Many girls in their early teens are scouted off social media, at events or but presenting themselves at “walk-in” days through agencies. Some, however, have been involved in the industry for a long time before they even get to their teens.

Meet Meika Woollard. This girl has been at the top of the Australian kid’s commercial modelling scene since she was 3 years old.

I was always a little wary of the child modelling industry mainly due to reports about dodgy agency dealings and the fact that I wrongly associated the commercial kids industry with the pageant scene. Horror stories about “stage mums” and professional jealousy, backbiting and contract killings (I made that last one up!)

I am happy to report that the reality is much less scary. I’m sure all that exists but it couldn’t be further from the reality for Meika and her equally beautiful sisters, all of whom model kid’s fashion.

Meika is a well grounded, happy, everyday eleven year old kid – she just happens to be breathtakingly beautiful. She loves her vegemite sandwiches for school lunch, plays basketball and does normal kid stuff every day. She is not precocious, she lives a normal family life and really enjoys her modelling.

I have had the pleasure of shooting with her recently. When I first met Meika she was 10. She is tall, friendly and very professional for her years. The BEST part was that there was not a stage mum in sight! Her mum Andi is not suffering any delusions. Her girls are all beautiful and don’t need any pushing – they LOVE modelling. Andi is always there and protective but she is also very professional and patient.

Meika has had a great start shooting campaigns and walking in parades for the likes of Myer, Country Road, Witchery & Bardot Jr to name a few. She has a lot of years ahead of her in the industry yet. With her amazing face and height potential this little girl is set to make a big impression in the future.


Photographer:@michaelmurchiephotographer @michaelmurchie_kids

MUA: @sheranazmi

Summer Skin Care



By Simi A Mira

With the changing of the seasons comes the need to change your facial care routine. A good summer routine is one that is easy, light, and carefree – just like those fleeting months themselves! For this time of year, I absolutely love natural products that have few chemicals and will really let your true beauty show. Follow my steps below for your summer skin care routine and you’ll have a flawless face that will get you ready for days on the beach or nights on the boardwalk.

Starting with a good base is key for a great summer routine.
Choose a cleanser that won’t leave your face too dry that it feels tight – I absolutely love cleaners by LUSH Cosmetics, and the employees in the shop will work with you to help you find the one that’s best for your own skin! It’s nice to use an exfoliant a few times a well as well to keep your canvas as smooth as possible. Then, I like to use a toner water with fresh essential oils like rose and lavender to soothe and balance the skin.

For the first product , I absolutely love a good moisturizer.
For light coverage, pick a moisturizer with a minimum of 30 SPF for protection from those UV rays. If there is any step to make sure you actually apply this season, make sure it’s this one! The SPF will help to protect your skin from early aging, wrinkles, and even from developing many different types of skin cancers. The brands that I like best for an SPF moisturizer are Garnier and Neutrogena.

If you’re looking for more of a bronzed beauty look, a mineral-based bronzer is a great choice.
Swipe the powder on the apples of your cheeks and along the contour of your face and blend, blend, blend. Bronzer offers a sun-kissed glow without the harmful hours in the sun! To add to the glow, use a gold or light brown eyeliner to highlight the top of your lid in a subtle yet fun way. Gold and light brown are the best choices here because they will still offer definition yet are not as striking or bold as black or grey. If you’re so inclined, add a few flicks of mascara to your upper lashes as well.

A glossy, neutral lip will seal the deal.
Pick a shade in semi-gloss or full gloss in a neutral color that won’t compete for attention. Be sure that the gloss isn’t too sticky so that your hair doesn’t get caught in it when those lovely summer breezes drift through!

At the end of the evening, after you’ve worn your effortless summer face and are in your pajamas, wind down with a beautiful face mask.
Options with ingredients like clay, green tea, and seaweed are wonderful for soothing skin that’s seen a lot of sun, wind, and water throughout the week.

Summer is a time to have fun and enjoy the weather, but what’s most important is to be yourself. Personal style is what makes you you, so embrace it! The skin care tips presented here will help you to put your best face forward in the most exciting season of the year. Have fun, and don’t forget to wear your sunscreen!

Favouritism – It’s A Thing



By Dania Dense
Modelling 101 – A Models Diary

It’s hard to separate personal feelings from business in modeling sometimes. Regardless of experience level, being neglected or looked over in favor of another model never feels good. But it is important to understand that this will happen in your career and to accept it as another part of the territory that comes with being involved in the modeling industry.

Cliques are prevalent in modeling. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. Even in the biggest markets, people run in small social circles. It isn’t uncommon for certain photographers, models and even clients to form cliques and only use each other in their projects. This can make it difficult for a model to break the ice and get invited into the group but if they happen to make the cut, it can be a wonderful social circle to be a part of.

However, there is a downside to favoritism–it feels good if you are the favorite but it sucks if you’re one of the odd ones out. I’ve experienced this a number of times. I once did a shoot with another female model and it went off without a hitch but I could tell that the photographer liked working with her more. I don’t think it was necessarily because she was a “better” model than me, but she had an in demand look and apparently it was one that the photographer just really loved. He took more pictures of her than me but I didn’t think too much about it at the time because I was focused on the shoot and was in my “model mode.”

A few weeks later, I wanted to see how the photos turned out so I visited the photographer’s Facebook page and saw he had posted an album of the shoot. Out of all the images that he posted online, there were only 2-3 photos of me…the rest were all her. That stung–especially when he posted on his FB Wall a picture he took of a large poster he had printed out of one of her shots. I thought to myself, “Were my photos not good enough to print out as a poster?” And the thing is–it was a poster for his own home, not for selling to people. If that doesn’t scream “favoritism,” I don’t know what does.

He went on to do a whole series of shoots with this particular model and he was posting all these amazing shots just about every week–shots that I knew I could totally pull off and would have been great for both our portfolios. He never once contacted me to say thanks for doing the shoot, didn’t reply back to my messages and didn’t take time to give me copies of the pictures. I ended up downloading copies of the ones he posted on his Facebook…there weren’t that many anyway. I took the hint and never contacted him again.

BUT I got over my hurt feelings and moved on. It’s human nature to feel bad or like you’re not good enough when a photographer or client isn’t very shy about showing which models he/she enjoys working with more. However, there is a time frame for feeling sorry for yourself. Having a pity party last too long because you feel you didn’t get a fair amount of attention from a client only prevents you from getting back on track and distracts you from focusing on snagging that next opportunity.

The favoritism bug shows up not just in shoots but fashion shows as well–I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to castings for fashion shows and automatically knew who was in the “clique.” I wasn’t the least bit surprised when I didn’t make the cut but all the “favorites” that knew the production crew and/or show director did. It is what it is.

Anytime I start to remember how sucky it felt to be “left out” or if I’m experiencing a bad case of favoritism, I automatically reflect on the countless photographers and clients that treated me like their favorite and remind myself that I am very well liked/loved by those I’ve worked with in the industry. They know they can count on me to deliver, which is why they always come back and hire me for additional projects. So instead of pouting because I wasn’t the favorite, I instead remind myself how lucky I’ve been to be the favorite for other people.

There’s nothing wrong with being a “favorite” of someone BUT it is wrong to act on it and make other models you’re working with feel inferior. I’ve never done that and I frown upon those that do. If I happen to be on a shoot or in a show and I’m one of the more favored or more used models during the project, I’ll enjoy the attention for the moment but always make an effort to engage the model(s) that end up being the odd ones out. During the downtime I’ll talk to them, get them to laugh, be more comfortable and eventually try to distract them from thinking about why they aren’t the favorite.

It’s okay to shine in the spotlight but never let it consume you. Shine that light on others in the process and it’ll minimize the sting. They’ll be thankful for your consideration.

I Missed Prom for this



They didn’t tell me I was going to miss prom…. As I watch my friends post pictures on Facebook, I can’t help but feel a tinge of jealousy. Yeah, one of my dresses cost more than the combination of every dress at the event but based on the pictures it looked like a lot of fun.

Fun that I wasn’t there for.

What was I doing? Walking the runway in Miami. I didn’t have to deal with the rain that nearly ruined my friend’s big day. I didn’t have any witty comments to post about the horrible photographer or the lacking food. I could only silently click ‘like’, as their pictures filled my timeline.

I don’t share my life with my friends, but it’s not too hard for them to figure out what I am doing. Every week I get a message from someone saying, “Hey, I saw you on….” It was cool at first, but now I have a cut and paste response of: “Thanks – it was a lot of fun!”

Truth is; it probably wasn’t as fun as going to prom with all of your friends.

When I started modeling, I had no idea it would be like this. I was the girl who hosted sleepovers and played dress up with friends. When I was 12, I was strangely tall. My friends used to make fun of me and joke that I should play volleyball, but I wasn’t into sports. I was into makeup.

So my mom, fed up with me experimenting with her ‘good clothes’ marched me into a modeling agency. I was so excited. You mean I could play dress up all day??

I remember what my friends said when I told them I was going to interview for an agency in Chicago.

“No, way! For, real? You will totally get picked!”

They were so supportive, but deep down I knew they were a bit jealous. When I met the agent, and she looked at me with a certain glint in her eye, I knew something was about to happen, but I had no idea.

She sent me outside while she talked with my mom. As I sat outside, paging through a fashion magazine, I heard my mom squeal loudly.


Apparently, my agent had just sold my mom the dream- the opportunity of a lifetime. Within weeks, I was on the cover of a teen magazine- the next fresh face. By the end of the school year, I was flying to Paris to walk runways.

Needless to say, school had to go bye-bye. The agency arranged a tutor and I was officially withdrawn after 8th grade. My friends were still jealous, but some cried as I explained I wouldn’t be around anymore. I thought I could take them with me, but my agent explained, ‘they weren’t professionals like me.’

Since when did I become a professional? The year before I was a kid.

Quickly, I learned, modeling is not like playing dress up. It is as much of a job as anything else. As my friends posted about their jobs folding sweaters in the mall, I silently wished I could tell them about the makeup artist that poked at my face like I was an experiment.

I love my life, the fame, the money… the clothes…. But I really wish I could have gone to Prom.